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Hunting Links:

Blencathra Foxhounds Fell Pack
www.aohg.org.uk/twww/index.html Memories of a lakeland huntsman
The American Beagler
Border Terrier World For those of you with an interest in terriers, have a look at this site.
Baily's Hunting Directory A treasure trove of hunting history.
Foxhunting Life Brings informative and entertaining content, plus valuable reference and resource information.

Other Links :

The following sites are included because I have used them in preparing this site. Inclusion here in no way suggests they support hunting.

www.keswick.u-net.com/home.htm The best Lakeland walking site of them all
lakeland cam Pictures of the central lakes, changes daily
www.mwis.org.uk Daily Weather Forecasting for mountain regions of Britain
www.flickr.com/photos/29487229@N00 Old pics of Mardale
Bill Birkett "Tight rope, Bill!"
Wendy Fraser Besides being my web designer, she is also a talented artist, especially equestrian drawings, and has illustrated Lakeland Hunting Songs Vol I.
headfullofclouds.blogspot Worth a look, especially for the pictures
Fred Holdsworth Bookshop Not the largest bookshop in Cumbria but probably the best as used on this site
David Hall Lake District Walks Detailed walks in the Lakes with great pix
wildlifeonline  A wealth of material relating to foxes and other animals, well worth a visit
Countrymans Weekly

The Lunesdale & Oxenholme Staghounds THE

by Ron Black
Using material written at the time,
this book tells the story of the
Lunesdale and Oxenholme Staghounds.

Ebook now available from : Amazon : Smashwords : and all major ebook retailers.

Hunting Songs Vol One

Full colour cover with photos and hand drawn illustrations; 80 pages; 40 songs; introductions to each of the Fell packs.

Printed copy available from Blurb

Ebook now available from : Amazon : Smashwords : and all major ebook retailers.
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