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Now I'll give you a toast, lads, to all the fell packs,
To masters, to huntsmen and whips of all macks,
You can have your athletics and games of all sorts,
But this hunting is surely the greatest of sports.

Tally Ho! Tally Ho! Tally Ho!
Hark For'ard good hounds, Tally Ho!

John Peel was first hunter to gain lasting fame,
At Caldbeck not long since they honoured his name,
Bill Porter, Jim Dalton and others we know,
Then rivaling Peel there came Bowman and Old Joe.

Joe Bowman and family
Joe Bowman (centre) with family, Ullswater Foxhounds


On t' west side there's t' Eskdale with Porter's son Jack,
Harry Hardisty's proud of his la'al Melbreak pack,
Geordie Bell hunted t' Cathra for many year,
Johnny Richardson now keeps those foxes in fear.


Johnny Richardson
Johnny Richardson,
Blencathra Foxhounds


Now when Bowman retired they engaged a new lad
As Ullswater whip - and he hasn't done bad.
He's stayed thirty years and still goes the rounds,
So here's to Joe Wear and his Ullswater hounds.

Joe Weir
Joe Wear, Ullswater Foxhounds


We next come to one who to hunting is born,
He's the third generation to carry the horn.
Anthony Chapman's his name, and I hardly need say
How those Coniston hounds love his, "Hoo, Get Away!"

Anthony Chapman
Anthony Chapman, Coniston Foxhounds, on Sweden Bridge

Now there's just yan pack left hunting plain open fell,
Whose foxes are apt to go straight necked to hell,
Walt Parkin's young pack has caught up with the rest,
And the Lunesdale hounds now hold their own with the best.

So back, to my toast to this greatest of sports,
Here's to hunters and hounds sparing Reynard a thought,
May we follow the horn 'til it's our turn to die,
Then if Saint Peter has hounds he will hear us all cry,

Tally Ho! Tally Ho! Tally Ho!
Hark For'ard good hounds, Tally Ho!

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