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Arguably the best known of the Coniston huntsmen, Anthony Chapman began as whipper-in to Ernie Parker in 1932 and became huntsman from 1944 to 1976 when he retired. His story is told in the book “Hark Forrard” edited by Anne Bonney.

However “Chappie” was interviewed by the Ambleside Oral History Group in 1981 about his life and times and they have agreed to my publishing the first three pages of the transcript but in order to “read the remainder” there is no charge, it is necessary to mail the group and “join” this can be done by using the link below and then click on SEARCH ARCHIVES.

It is well worth taking the time and trouble to do so as the archive has many interviews with people who mention hunting in Lakeland and their memories of ... a veritable gold mine of knowledge.

To read the full transcript of this interview go to http://www.aohg.org.uk/ and then click on SEARCH ARCHIVES

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