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Fox Trap Five



Fox Trap Five

Another trap in the Western Fells, this one partially restored in recent years, however the top would have been slightly smaller that the “normal” traps, possibly only one meter in diameter. It was built of stone from close by and there is a ramp on the north side linking it to the probable site of the stone.

The trap is situated in a small hollow behind a knoll and can be difficult to spot. There is a borran about 50 meters to the East which shows much sign of blocking.

Anecdotal evidence tells that in the 1920s, two brothers named Carrick, who lived nearby, used to bait this trap with a live goose and then lie in wait with a gun. Apparently they did this in the evening after work as a hobby.

The trap is found at an altitude of 370 metres and measures (approx) 4.50m external diameter, 2.10m internal diameter (base) and 1.60m internal diameter (top).

I am indebted to P Fleming for some information and D Hall whose photographs are better than mine!

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