Coniston	Foxhounds Coniston Foxhounds: after a kill in Woundle

Shepherds Meet at the Queen's Head, Troutbeck, in the late 1940s.
Shepherds Meet at the Queen's Head, Troutbeck, in the late 1940s. Mr and Mrs B I Thompson are on horseback.

During the winter months the Coniston went down to hunt the "lowlands". This was the area to the North of Morecambe Bay where the chances of snowfall were less, the high fell usually being covered and thus dangerous to hounds and followers. Although on occasion(s) they did hunt in the snow.

Lakeland hunting is usually done on foot as the terrain does not lend itself to following on horseback, however in the "low country" hunts were often accompanied by riders and fields of ten were recorded.

However on return to the fells, things reverted to normal - or did they? The first photograph shows horses on the Kirkstone Pass just below Woundle Gate. From there it would be possible to ride quite high onto the fell on a sure-footed mount. I doubt if there was much jumping however!

The second picture outside the Queens Head, although twenty years later, shows people still followed hounds on horseback. There would be little similarity between the mounted packs and these riders though!

Were hunting to have continued I doubt that horses would be seen on the Kirkstone Pass - the traffic is too great.

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