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Traffic on the M6. Runrig CDs. The company of Rod Grimshawe. His wife's kitchen. Cragman. Chappie's "whoo git away". Joe Weir at Rydal show. Johnny Richardson on a misty morning. Jimmy Mallet in Brathey Woods. Pritch Bland at Lowther Show. Days out with Dennis Barrow, Chris Ogilvie, Edmund Porter and more besides.

The fox sleeping the afternoon away under Heron Crag. The hunted fox who having lost his pursuers settled down under a crag and appeared to derive entertainment from their confusion. The old dog fox on the summit plateau of Scafell Pike. The patience of Wendy Fraser. The heat of the sun blasting back off the rock face. Lakeland mist blowing across the fell. Crunch of your boot on the ice covered ground. People who reminded me of "things past". Cubs at play on a borran.

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